2 ways to grow your super

There’s 2 ways of making personal contributions:

  1. After-tax contributions - one-off or from salary
  2. Salary Sacrifice


After-tax contributions - one-off payments

Applies to Triple S, Flexible Rollover Product (FRP) and Super SA Select members only.

One off lump sum payments ($50 min) put into your super.


After-tax contributions - direct from salary

Applies to Triple S and Super SA Select members only.

Money put into your super from your after tax salary.


Why After-tax?

Government incentives – 10% employer contribution and $500:


Salary Sacrifice

Applies to Triple S, Super SA Select, Pension and Lump Sum Scheme members only.

Having money from your before-tax or gross salary invested in super

Why Salary Sacrifice?

Salary Sacrifice may have tax appeal.



Which is right for me - salary sacrifice or after-tax, or both?


Getting started

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